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Weighing in at approximately 15,000 pounds and 1200 square feet, help us create the -

World's Largest Poem

The Mount & WordXWord Collaboration

FAQ / you've got questions, we've got answers

Latest Questions

What if I find the word I receive difficult to use?

Some suggestions are to 1) dispense with it quickly - perhaps just play with its sound “dog smog, the mist rolls in . . .”; “dog frog dialogue . . .”; 2) use a word that rhymes; 3) use a variation of the word, or another word that consumes the word “doggerel . . .”

Why do we ask this you to repeat the last word form the previous poem? Because the repeated word from end of one poem into the next (in performance) will create a rhythm and tiny bit of connection between (unrelated) poems.

What happens if I have second thoughts or want to tweak / revise my poem after I submit it?

Good question. For some of us, there will be a long time between submitting our poem and the performance on TBD. And some of us are prone to second thoughts and itchy pencils. So here’s what we ask - if you feel the need to revise your poem, you must keep the first and last word intact. Everything else is fair game.

Previous Questions

Who can play/participate?

Any age, teens through infinity, no experience necessary. Only requirement is to honor the commitment to create a 3-5 line poem, submit it in the time allotted, and to perform it as part of the world's largest poem at the scheduled date and time.

When will I need to write my short poem?

You will receive your "prompt" (the last word from the preceding poem) sometime between February 15 and May 1. You will receive an update approximately a week ahead of time to remind you that it's coming. You will have 24 hours to write and submit your very short poem (you can do it!).

Does my poem have to be about anything in particular? Follow any particular style? Any restrictions?

The short answer is no. Be serious or funny, flowery or pedestrian, full of meaning or simply about the sound of words. Whatever makes you happy. However, we do ask that you keep in mind that the audience will be comprised of all ages - children through great, great grandmothers . . .

How will I receive my prompt, submit my poem, etc?

Good question. In order to participate, you will need a valid email address that you check on a regular basis.

When and where will the Largest Poem be performed?


What if my schedule changes between now and May and I can no longer attend the performance?

We only ask that if you are unable to perform your piece as scheduled that you find a surrogate to stand in for you.

Is there a deadline for signing up to participate?

The registration deadline is when the list is full (100 poets).

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