WordXWord Festival
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Below is a summary of open opportunities for poets interested in participating in WordXWord Festival July & August events.


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Live via ZOOM

What I Did This (last) Summer

August 17, 8P <- note new time

via Zoom

This has been the oddest of summers. Let's hope it's not the last. In either case, we're open to hear what poets have to say about it.

August 31, 8P


collaborative pieces wrestle their way through a forest of zoom
Via Zoom

Okay, still working on this, but there has been a lot of corpsing and otherwise going on. This could be the inspiration to polish it off and release it into the wild.

Poets: This event will feature collaborations between 2 or more poets. By this point, we should have gotten better at zoom. And there is plenty of time to create collaborative work. In addition, participating poets will be asked to participate in the creation of an “exquisite corpse” and we will attempt to perform it live.

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