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WXW Poetry Slam 2016


Grab a spot to compete - register now for one or more slams

The 2016 Poetry Slam series kicked off March 18 at Dottie's. Poets are invited to compete in any or all of the 5 slams. New this year: For those interested in competing in the semi-finals for a chance to compete during the August Festival, a qualifying point system is in place [point system info]. [Poetry Slam Rules]

Spots are limited, to grab yours now!

July 29, 7P
Poetry Slam Semi Finals
The Whitney Center for the Arts
42 Wendell Ave

March 18, 7P (Friday)
Dottie’s Coffee Lounge
Poetry Slam hosted by Melissa Quirk Cairns with Laura Brown-Lavoie feature

April 15, 7P (Friday)
The Whitney Center for the Arts
Poetry Slam & Open Mic hosted by Melissa Quirk Cairns

May 13, 7P (Friday)
The Whitney Center for the Arts
Poetry Slam & Open Mic hosted by Stan Spencer

June 10, 7P (Friday)
Dottie's Coffee Lounge
Poetry Slam & Open Mic hosted by Melissa Quirk Cairns

July 8, 7P (Friday)
The Whitney Center for the Arts
Poetry Slam & Open Mic hosted by Melissa Quirk Cairns

WordXWord Poetry Slam Rules

  • All poems must be of original construction by the performer. Clever parody and creative sampling are allowed. Covering and plagiarism are not.
  • No props, costumes, or musical instruments.
  • All poems should be under three minutes in length to avoid a time penalty. There is a ten-second grace period after which a half point is deducted from the poet’€™s total score for every ten seconds over the grace period. The time starts at the discretion of the timekeeper as soon as the poet makes a “connection”€ with the audience, which CAN be before he or she utters a word. Introductions start the clock.
  • The five preliminary slams will have up to ten poets each. They will be one round (i.e., one poem) and the order will be determined by names drawn from a hat.
  • All we can hope for is to make the slam as fair as life itself. Life is not fair.
  • Scoring is done by 3 judges chosen from the audience. WXW will make every effort to choose judges who do not have a personal connection to any of the performing poets. But we can't guarantee this will be possible. See above.
  • The WXW Poetry Slam is intended to be fun, friendly competition - we don't take ourselves too seriously.
  • Dates, locations, and just about everything else subject to change.

Qualifying Point System

The top six point holders (plus 2 panel selections) will move on to the semi-finals tentatively scheduled for July 29 and a chance to move on to the finals during the August Festival. Points are awarded as follows:

1pt - for each wxw poetry slam participated in
2pts - for placing 3rd in a wxw poetry slam
3pts - for placing 2nd in a wxw poetry slam
5pts - for placing 1st in a wxw poetry slam

While the point system obviously rewards placing top-three in an event, it is meant to encourage participation in as many events as possible. Someone who competes in all five and place 3rd once will accumulate 7 points (5+2), while someone who only competes once, placing first, will accumulate 6 points (1+5).

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